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Not so long ago I was thinking about how, when I was a child, my father would come home after work with AM (talk) radio cranked up so loud the whole neighborhood could hear. Of course, I took it as my duty to mock my father for both the content and volume.  I swore that my tape deck (yep!) would forever play music and talk radio was for grownups.

I no longer have a tape deck in my truck, nor do I tune in to the AM radio band all that often, however, the magic of the Bluetooth connection for me is now used to crank InfoSec podcasts so loud my neighborhood can hear (or so my kids tell me).

For those who are in the Information Security field especially those who are tasked with vulnerability management it is important to make some time each day/week to listen to an InfoSec podcast of your choice.  Things change so quickly it’s a great way to stay on top of what’s going on in the industry.  Up to date intelligence is just as important as current technical skills in the InfoSec space.

Without further ado, my playlist of choice:

My weekly “must listen” show, without question is:  Security Now.  This podcast is like taking a training course for a couple of hours every week.

Steve Gibson brings wisdom and engaging content to every episode.  I listen faithfully and look forward to Tuesdays when the new episode is recorded.

Next up is Defensive Security.  Jerry Bell and Andrew Kalat cover current events and blue team topics often overlooked by other shows.

Risky Business has a slightly different format.  This show produced out of Austrailia by Patrick Gray.  The show is typically made up of 3 segments.  First is the news/current events with Adam Boileau which is often my favorite part of the show.  Next up is typically a featured interview which takes a specific topic and goes into a bit of a deep dive.  Finally there is the sponsored interview.  Patrick does a pretty good job keeping the guests balanced between the marketing hype and the actual details of their product.

Finally, a shift wouldn’t be complete without a daily dose of the SANS Internet Stormcast.  This is a 5-10 minute review of the latest threats and information in information security.

What are your favorites?  Have something you think I missed?  Let me know via the comments or on Twitter @JaredGroves

Disclosure:  I am just a fanboy and I am not receiving any compensation for these recommendations.

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